Pricing Information

With our low overhead Plasticwright is very competitive on pricing.  Each project is unique so please contact us for an estimate.

Drafting and 3D modeling: $35.00 per hour

Design: $55.00 per hour

3D Printing: For accurate pricing please contact us directly. Prices are computed on a case by case basis but typically average $0.75/cm3.  If we can turn a profit on a print at $0.01/cm3 then it will be priced accordingly.  Complex items will cost more per cm3 than simple ones.  Turn around times average 2 days after finalizing your order.

Our pricing structure is unique in the industry.  Unlike our competitors we don't price at a set amount per cubic centimeter. Plasticwright inspects each file and puts the model's statistics into a custom algorithm that allows us to optimize our prices for each project.

Ask us about available surface treatments!

Production Mangagement: Plasticwright can either put you in contact with area manufacturers or we can manage the production of your product.  Pricing for this service is negotiable, please contact us for more information.

Various Other Services: Overnight rush printing is an option we offer, with hand delivery available within 50 miles for a fee.  Assembly, gluing and solvent welding of your parts is also available.  We can also split your large 3D models to fit our print bed and assemble them upon completion.

Shipping:  Plasticwright can ship your items however you prefer.  If you do not state your preference we default to a properly sized USPS flat rate box.